A 1984 honors graduate of Pratt Institute, I majored in Photography with a minor in Print Making and Book Binding.  While at Pratt Institute, I studied photography under the direction of William G. Gedney, Nina Prantis, Arthur Freed, Phillip Perkis, and Ann Mandelbaum. I was fortunate to have these world renowned photographers to guide, educate, and inspire me to see and think beyond boundaries and to explore and push ones ideas to delineate and define what it is you see and how to expose those ideas to paper.  During this period of time I was introduced to many different mediums and processes that explored photography beyond basic print making. I mastered processes such as Dye Transfer, Non-Silver Printing, Platinum Palladium Printing, Large Format Photography (4x5, 8x10), Etching, Silkscreening, and Hand Bound Book Binding of the printed media.  At this time I was featured in Newsweek Magazine, in an exposé on young, upcoming photographers, where my work was noted as suspended somewhere between painting and photography.


Through the idea, “Between Painting and Photography” I am exploring this topic retrospectively. Building on years behind the lens, now working with digital media and contemporary printing technologies.  All my work is shot full frame with a Leica M8 – 35mm lens. I do not crop, photoshop or manipulate other than the work I do in the light room with the printing process.  My goal is to utilize photography as a medium to render my visions.  I consider the camera an equivalent of the paintbrush and the physical environment, color and space my pallet.


Working this idea, “Between Painting and Photography” I have chosen processes that retrospectively revisit print media I mastered in the past now utilizing media such as Brushed Anodized Aluminum Sheet and Digital Metallic Paper.  In my work I have successfully bridged the gap that I envision between painting and photography.  The printed work is large format, borderless, mounted in suspension floating from the wall, where I see the printed media not as a photograph under a matte, but in reality as a large scale painted canvas.


Recent Shows, Commissions and Publications: